Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saying Goodbye

This is the part I hate about having a husband in the military. Saying goodbye is the most painful thing I think we have to do. I know it's only for 12 months, but that is a long time when you've got four children. They were so brave and tried to hold back the tears, but it was just too much. Jillian got us all with her horribly sad little face. It hurts me just thinking about it and it was two months ago! Jossilyn has grown so much and will do so much growing while he's away! I hope to keep up with the picture taking so he can at least see it in pictures. The best part of the day was seeing the neighborhood come out to give us a big send-off! They put flags out all down our street and two signs and then they lined the streets to wave and smile and cry and send us off. Chris was so touched- I think we all were. Our children were so quiet as we drove off. It was very wonderful of them to put forth the effort to make Chris feel appreciated, loved and supported. Amazing. I think it helped give me the strength to send him off at the airport, knowing that we'd be so supported living here. I know we can make it. We can do hard things! 

Leaving our driveway

Boys lined up to follow on their bikes

Making the loop

Wiping away the tears

This sign said - Thank you for your service to our Country!

Tears were streaming for this one!

Flags lining the street!

Unloading his luggage

Picking up his tickets

One last family shot!

Final smooches


Jillian's sad little face still kills me... :(


Our last shot of him - heading through security

Asleep on the way home

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