Monday, September 19, 2011

A Trip to Brigham - (7/11/11)

We took a trip up to Brigham City to visit with Chris' family. They had all gathered for his sister, Heidi, who was going to go through the temple! We stayed overnight on Sunday the 10th at my Grandma J's home and then went up to Brigham on Monday morning. We stayed overnight on Monday and headed home on Tuesday evening. We got to celebrate Heidi and Rylie's birthdays and visit with all of Chris' sisters!! It was fun to let them meet Jillian and Jossilyn for the first time and let them get to know each other. Chris' sisters are lots of fun to be around!!
On Tuesday, we got to see them place the Angel Moroni statue atop the newly built Brigham City Temple! I had never seen that process before and it was fun to watch together with our family. I can't wait until they finish the temple and we can bring the kids up to the Open House!! (For info on Temples, click HERE!)

Jossi looked so cute in this outfit... she just was a little fussy!

Much better!

Jilli hit it off with Heidi's daughter, Leah

Jossi with Aunt Heidi

getting entertained by Uncle Marshall

Leah wanted a turn!

Marshall wanted one too

Leesa held her too, but I can't get this picture to turn! Sorry!
Delicious Oreo Truffle balls that Mylinda made for Rylie and Heidi's birthday party


All Chris' sisters and his mom and I
Leesa, Julie, Me, Mom
Angie, Mylinda, Amy, Heidi

Cake!! Yummy goodness

Jess and Olivia

Waiting in the rain for the Angel Moroni to get installed

We went to Mylinda's home because they delayed the statue fitting because of the weather...
Here is Linda holding Jossi

Finally getting it up on the temple!


Meeting her cousin Jaelynn!

Jossi is a month older... :)

Beautiful view from the Oquirrh Mountain Temple, where we went with Heidi for her first time


All of us!

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