Friday, October 28, 2011


Fall is here!! With the beautiful colors... My view from the backyard!

I just love these mountains!

And this cutie pie! 

Playing with her toys!

Looking for me...

Oh, and this guy is back... after a long hiatus as a homeless man... J/K!!! He had grown out his hair and beard for a movie role and now he's back as my handsome brother, James!!! With his wife, Rachel

Thumb sucker... :)

Jess dressed as a nerd for Nerd day at school!

Jilli loves to write and she's started to spell things phonetically - it's darling!!

Day at the park!


And climbing!
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Stuff We've Made

Jess painted this for art class

I made the H! Just wrapped a wooden H with green yarn!

Cute Halloween plaque

Cute spidey plaque!

book pillars

Love em!

Post pumpkins!


Wooden Halloween sign

Trick or Treat banner! :)
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Feeding the Ducks

I loved going to feed the ducks as a kid. We had some leftover bread and took all of the kids down to feed them in our favorite spot. Jossilyn loved watching them!

Throwing out bread

So many ducks!

Beautiful afternoon

Jessica and the ducks

Jilli and Cam

Jossi watching


They came right up to the kids!

Jossi and Rebecca

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We had some snow here on the 6th of October!! It was super fun to see the kids freak out about it. It wasn't much and they were sure wondering why everything didn't shut down for the 3 inches of snow that fell... hee hee! Don't they know where they are! We don't close things here for snow!!!

Looking cute in her bumbo

And making faces in her bumbo...

The little bit of snow starting to come down... Jilli went out to rescue her flip flops!

All dressed up for real snow!
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Water Baby

Jossi loves to take baths!!! And she's simply adorable in the nude... all those yummy fat rolls! :)

Chewing on her ducky


Loves that ducky

What's that face!?

Mmmm. Ducky!

She can even eat her ducky with no hands!! :)


All clean!
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