Sunday, September 11, 2011

And on and on...

Still playing catch-up!! You know you love these quick picture digests!! ;) I may just get caught up yet!!

Jossi just gets cuter daily!

James' birthday party! My brother is growing a beard and his hair out to play a part in a movie

Father's Day! We actually got to spend it with my dad in person!! Haven't done that in seven years!! :)

Miah goofing around

We got to see part of the Soh family while they were visiting Provo!

We also got to visit with Lyle (Chris' nephew!) and his wife and adorable baby boy!!

Sleepy sweetheart!

Now she's awake!

We woke up early to go attend the Hot Air Balloon launch in Provo for the Freedom Festival! It was amazing - as usual and the kids almost thought it was worth getting up for!

The best balloon was the Darth Vader balloon!! As it lifted off, they played the Star Wars music!! AWESOME!!

We ate donuts and just enjoyed the sight!

So many fun balloons!

Totally wicked!


Yummy donuts!

Jilli and Grandpa

Jossi and Grandma!

Sweetie pie!

Sammy and Miah - messing around

So sweet!!

Some patriotic shots of the kids on the Sunday before the Fourth of July!

A very darling bunch!

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