Sunday, September 11, 2011

Life Goes On...

Leaving Chris at the airport was awful, but we tried to fill our days with happy faces and lots of distractions. We live with my sister, Rebecca, in her basement apartment - (which is beautiful and amazing!!) so we get to see lots of her family!! My cousin, Neen, came and visited and it was a blast seeing her and her kids and getting our craft on! We made fun fabric rings (Neen is wearing them in the pic below!) and just laughed and laughed!


We visited my parent's alot... and let Grandpa snuggle the baby!

Celebrated my brother, Sam's, birthday!


Saw the balloons that launched for Art City Days

Watching the balloons in our jammies from the front yard!

Love this piggy!

Cam and Rebecca

Hit the Children's Art Festival downtown

A Unicorn!

Mom and Sarah!

Waiting to make bug pins!

Miah learned to ride the 50... Motorcycle!

Jossi kept growing!

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