Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Jossilyn's Blessing Day

We blessed Jossilyn Ruby on June 5th. She looked so pretty in her little white dress! Too bad she totally vomited all over herself right as we were leaving for the church! We spent the whole morning getting her ready and trying to keep her clean and nice and right as we hopped in the van to go she spewed EVERYTHING from her stomach! It was awful. Chris and I popped into action and got her out and cleaned up as best we could. Then we raced to the church just in time for the meeting to start. It was crazy!!! She was perfectly wonderful for the rest of the day. She just smelled like puke! :) Great memories! We had a little luncheon afterward at my parents house and it was great to see some of our friends and relatives and hang out together. It was a gorgeous warm day and the food was excellent. It was a little bittersweet though, knowing that Chris was leaving the next morning for Korea...

Grandma Harrison and Jossi

Bathing beauty

Jilli helped her get ready

She was so cute getting dressed

Big blue eyes

Her dress was so fun with layers of tulle. My mother made the pretty crocheted blanket.

Beautiful baby

My friend Amberlyn and her girls attended! Great to see her!

Family photo. I love Jossi's little fist to her cheek

Joss and I

Eating her fingers

Trying to find her fingers to eat them... She was super hungry

Precious one


With Great Grandma Johnson

Four generations... Joss, GGrandma J, Me and Grandma F

My cousin, Jared, with his little one - just a month older than Joss

Jessica and her two cousins who are the same age

Jared and Chris

Me and Mom with Grandma J

Chris and his parents

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  1. What a beauty!! LOVE the cute dress and flowered headband! Hugs!