Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fawson Family Reunion 2011!

For the 2011 Fawson Family Reunion, we rented a pavillion in town and brought tons of food, snacks and fun games. We laughed and cried and had a blast! I love my family!!! It's so wonderful to be near them again!!

Sarah and Jilli

Amy - 8 months pregnant!! and our family flags

James and Rach

Chris and Miah - just before he let Jossi drool down Miah's neck! :)

Jessi- getting tall!

Grandma and Grandpa telling us a story

Dad showing off his muscles

Jilli thought that was funny!

Putting our handprints on the tablecloth

Pretty Jess

Rebecca made this for Chris and presented it to him amidst many tears!!

Miah wearing a bucket... ???

Pinata time!

Eating delicious homemade ice cream!

My siblings! - notice there was still snow on the mountains in JUNE!! :)

My Sisters!

My sisters + Mom

My crazy brothers!

Action shot!


Miah hypnotizing his cousins...

Overall it was an awesome day spent together with all my bestest friends!! Amazing!

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