Saturday, February 18, 2012

After Christmas Fun and New Years Eve!

After Christmas, we had loads of fun at the Stone's home. We visted Sarah's classroom and the kids played wii on the big projector TV!


Jossi got wheeled around in her stroller!

Chris and I went out to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary!! Dinner at Texas Roadhouse and a movie- Mission Impossible!

Then we stopped in to visit Grandma J

And saw Uncle Ron and his kiddos!

For New Year's Eve, we went to Jacob and Rachel's home and barbecued and played games and ate! Super fun times!!

Sammy and Jossi

Under the table

White Elephant exchange!

Chris and Jossi!

The best white elephant gift - an autographed photo of Chris!! :)

Jessi got a snowman!

Silliest kids!!

They made us all laugh!

Hedbanz game!

I couldn't guess mine- even with lots of hints!!! Hilarious! (spaghetti!)
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