Friday, October 28, 2011

Museum of Ancient Life

We took a trip out to the Museum of Ancient Life. They had a discount day and school hadn't started yet. We grabbed Grandma and Auntie Sarah and went to explore!

Out front waiting to get in...


The motion displays were awesome!

Sweet girls!

Pedal power!

Wow! That's a big foot!

Jilli didn't know what to think about those skeletons...


Grandma and Joss

Little scary! Hee hee!

Yikes! Can't even imagine how much more frightening they'd be with skin... :)

Jill and Miah

They've gotten so big!

Great camera op! My cute three

Tyrannosaurus Rex!

My kids love sharks... :)

This was Miah's favorite exhibit

All of us at the entrance

Grandma too! We just love being close to Grandma!! :)

Pretty pretty girls!
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