Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Flag Football!

I signed Jeremiah up for flag football this year. He loved it!! He was on the Bronco's and was able to be on the same team with his BFF and cousin, Drew. They learned a lot about football and had a lot of fun playing. We really enjoyed going to their games and watching them!! :)

Grandma and Grandpa came and watched

On the line...

Drew and Miah are right in the center, blocking for the QB

In motion

On the line... Miah is on the far right and Drew is #15

Miah and Drew

Another shot of the cousins...


Go Broncos!

Moving along...

Jilli played with snails on the sidelines... Ugg!

Waiting to go back in...

The snail's house

Shot of the field... So good to see the mountains!

Crouched on the line

Huddled up to Coach Laing

Watching from the sidelines

Grandpa, Grandma and Sarah!

Another game... That tubby one in the middlel was MEAN!
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