Thursday, July 28, 2011

Family Reunion! (May 2011)

In May, we were able to attend the Fawson Family Reunion in Grantsville together before Chris left. It was a HUGE event held at a local church. I couldn't believe how many people attended!! We ate and talked with our cousins and then went out to see the family related sights there in Grantsville. I'm related to J. Reuben Clark and this was his home town! Super cool!! It was a fun day!

Here is my cousin, Jared, snuggling Jossi

This trunk came across the plains with the pioneers!

Here is J. Reuben's farm

We'll have to go back and check out this museum...

Clark Family plot at the cemetary

They put up this stone memorial for our ancestor- she was actually buried on the plains as they came across to Utah

Chris and my nephew, Jacob

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